In the large estate overlooking the mediterranean sea the Masseria has a farm were we produce, a huge variety of vegetables (Puglia is the garden of Italy producing 30% of all vegetables), local fruits, the Unfiltered Olive Oil hand picked and cold pressed the same day,the jams,the treatments with herbs of the herbarium, the tisanes made with wild herbs. 

At the center of the estate there is the Ortus Conclusus completely surrounded by fortified walls, built by benedictine momks in 16th century,walk under a 1500 columnade covered by many varieties of grapes that you can eat, relax in the lounges or hammocks scattered around the estate.

Enjoy the view from the altar were they used to cut the stones for building the tower and eat the many varieties of figs black and white and prickly pears.

Follow the paths of the irrigations from the wells trhough the garden or pick the wild capers like the women used to do 100o years ago