Wellness Tip: Home Remedies From Puglia

Oranges!! They boost the immune system, says Liberata from Masseria Torre Coccaro who has spent a lifetime curing colds and other indispositions without using strong medicine right away.
You either squeeze them for yummie orange juice – a glassful a day is perfect to keep you fit all year long – or you prepare them as a salad, pure energy stuff, easy to do and delicous to taste. Peel a handful of fresh, ripe oranges, cut them into slices and use no more than olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper as dressing. It’s as simple as that: a lean and healthy dessert for all seasons and occasions.
Liberata’s got a few more tips to follow to get you through tough times!
We’ve all had our spring colds:  They usually take 10 days, with or without medicine…
Why don’t you try what they do in Puglia, an old home remedy that seems to ease a lot of tension. Prepare an infusion from dry figs, carube fruit and mallow (a small handful each). Let it sim for a bit and strain the mixture through a sieve. Swallow in tiny sips.  You can feel your throat getting better instantly!

Wellness Tip: Strolling Around Savelletri

Fancy some ice cream? Or how about a cappuccino outside, with the seagulls shouting and the fisherman watching from the distance? There’s spring in the air, no doubt about it. Savelletri, 669 inhabitants harbourside village on the adriatic coast, is getting ready for the next summer season. We’re expecting you: Are you ready, too?