Cooking School: Risotto with Fresh Scampis, Buffalo Ricotta and a Sorbet of Mandarins

Risotto undoubtedly is one of trickiest things in italian cuisine! There’s many details to look after, starting off with the right kind of rice and finishing with the appropriate cooking time: The rice needs to remain some kind of crunchy even though well cooked… It’s something for ambitious beginners – following our Maizza chef Vito Giannuzzi you won’t have any problems though.
Here’s our Maizza Summer Risotto: A combination of the southern italian lightness of being and combining ingredients like scampis and mandarins with the tasty northern italian rice (Cannaroli) from Pavia, known for its high quality.
Note: You won’t need an icemaker for the sorbet, just use an ordinary ice machine to prepare the frozen mandarins.

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Cooking School: Cacao Pasta with a Salsa of Scampis, Cacao Beans and Fresh Peas

Ever tried chocolate brown pasta that doesn’t only look like chocolate but actually contains 250 g of (bitter) cacao? Pietro Sgaramella, 28, pasta & primi expert at Masseria Torre Maizza/Puglia and therefore part of Vito Giannuzzis team of chefs, shows how to prepare this special kind of noodles and combines his “bitter-sweet” invention with a brilliant salsa out of scampis, cacao beans and fresh peas.

Cooking School: Fillet of monkfish on a bed of broccoli, artichokes and the poached egg of a guinea fowl

Here’s Vito Giannuzzi, chef of our “Le Palme” restaurant/Maizza, preparing a very delicate, elegant and tasty starter: Fillet of monkfish (“pescatrice”), on a bed of broccoli, artichokes and the poached egg of a guinea fowl.

100 g monkfish fillet
30 g broccoli
10 g Vincotto
5 g mixed greens/salad
5 g artichokes, dried
1 poached egg of a guinea fowl
2 g nero di seppie

For the preparation and decoration of the antipasto follow the video.