Cultural Tip: Writer about Puglia’s Raw Fish Tradition

Every now and then we’re inviting “artists in residence” to stay with us for a few days or weeks, exchance cultural experiences and watch them working on special pieces. Or, in this case, inspire them go new ways, try new things, even beyond their personal comfort zone. Stefan Maiwald, german writer, who lives between Munich, Grado and Braunschweig, wrote a few chapters of his new novel, “Meine Suche nach der besten Pasta der Welt” (engl: My research for the best pasta in the world) at Masseria Torre Coccaro. It wasn’t too hard of a job, he actually seemed to quite like the idea of his new work & life balance between golf course (Maizza) and computer, swimming pool and notebook.

One evening he got to his personal extremes though: We took him to eat raw seafood at Bella Bari (Via Roberto da Bari 141, Bari). We knew he liked sushi. But he didn’t know how raw raw fish could actually be… What he experienced among friends of ours and a whole restaurant full of Bari people, most of them “crudo” lovers, he describes in his chapter “Puglia – Can you please bury me there?”

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Book Tip: How to find the best Pasta in the world?

You can – but certainly you don’t have to like Pasta to LOVE this book: Stefan Maiwald, famous german writer and passionate golf player, came all the way to Puglia by car and stayed with us for a few weeks. His experience as a “writer in residence” and therefore guest of the masserias (who eventually become one us after a while), is more than entertaining. Outstandingly funny, with a great cultural impact: “Meine Suche nach der besten Pasta der Welt” – a MUST READ.

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