Cocktail Course: Getting the kicks at Coccaro Beach Bar: Rilee’s Fruitpunch

The best place to have a nice and relaxing Aperitivo after a long day at the beach is the Pool Bar at Masseria Torre Coccaro. There’s Giavanna, Teresa and Aldo looking after you, from breakfast hours on, by the way, serving tasty lunches or cool drinks in the shade of the bamboo umbrellas. But when the sun vanishes slowly in midst the olive fields surrounding the estate, the pool bar area becomes some sort of sunset paradise – drop by and find out…

Today Aldo Vinci, our youngest (19) but no less talented barman prepared something new and refreshing for us, just to give you an idea of what the Pool Bar is all about: Rilee’s, a fruitpunch out of cranberry, papaya, strawberry and peach, with a dash of vodka to excite your tongue and make you feel you’re definitely on holiday.

Aldo has done his homework: Apart from attending bartender classes with Campari in Milan and Rome he could easily speak (and shake!) along with the far more famous Tom Cruise in “Cocktail”. Watch him preparing the Rilee’s and you’ll get the idea… He’s about to become an artist on the mixing gear – we’re pround to have him and are looking forward to following another one of his (“only just made up…”) recipes.

Here’s what it takes:

1/2 oz Apricot Brandy
1 oz Vodka Peach
1/4 oz Strawberry syrup
1/4 oz Papaya syrup
1/4 oz freshly squeezed lime juice with a twist of fresh ginger
1/2 oz Cranberry juice
2 pureed peaches

Mix all the ingredients as shown in the films. The perfect drink to learn what Puglia summers are about!

Golf Clinic Maizza, featuring Veronica Zorzi

A few closeup impressions from our latest Golf Clinic under the olive trees of the Masseria Torre Maizza estate. 5 days of intense training with famous Golf Pros Veronica Zorzi and Giulio Grippa (Maizza). Stay tuned for further appointments!

Wine Tip: AS Fiano di Avellino Guido Marsella 2010

The wine suggestion for our recipe of the day:

Spigola al sale, SEA BASS IN SALTY CRUST,
recommended by Maizza Sommelier Paolo Scarafile: ”For fish which is lean such as seabass under salt crust we suggest a white wine which is sapid such AS Fiano di Avellino Guido Marsella 2010. This wine with his sapidity and harmonic bouquet is gentle to the palate; elegant notes of apricot and peach with an ending of bitter almond. Seabass and Fiano will make your dinner a great success.”


Cocktail Course: Martini Dry

Dry Martini – a classic!

The alltime favourite of all those who like dry cocktails with a special twist. Try it out for yourself! Maizza Barkeeper Camillo Tagliente recommends it as an aperitivo. Here’s what it takes. Thanks for following – have a great night and ENJOY!

1 cl Martini Dry
6 cl Bombay Gin
1 green olive OR a twist of fresh lime

Stirr gently in icy glass. Taglente: “No shaker involved – the ingredients are too delicate. Important is an icy glass.”

Welcome to our Masserias’ Blog

Dear clients, dear friends,

welcome to our brand new Masseria Blog! Anything you always wanted to know about your favorite masseria: You’ll find it here. Follow the latest recipes of our chefs at the COOKING SCHOOL school, join in a few GARDENING lessons, go on the GOLF COURSE course and hit a few balls with our Pro Giulio or shake gorgeous COCKTAILS with Camillo Tagliente or Natale Marasciulo. Ask anything you always wanted to ask, give us all kinds of suggestions. We’re looking forward to keeping in touch! So: See you around!