Cocktail Course: Cinderella

A sweet & colourful thing, just like the fairytale: “Cinderella” is the invention of our Maizza Barman Camillo Tagliente. He once won a Puglia Cocktail Competition with it and is certainly proud. If you want to impress your friends with something really new, try it out for yourself. It’s easy to prepare, anything you need apart from a few simple ingredients is a cocktail shaker and ice cubes.

2,5 cl Vodka
2,5 cl Martini Rosato
1,5 cl X rated (Vodka with an infusion of passionfruit & mango)
1,5 cl strawberry syrup

Shake and chill all the ingredients in a shaker. Pour in a cocktail glass and decorate with a few rose petals and a slice of orange.

Yoga Tip: Sun Salutations at Maizza

Let the Sunshine in!! There’s nothing more peaceful, relaxing and energizing than a few light Asanas under the Maizza olive trees than early morning sun salutations. So much for getting back in shape after the party season! Namaste.

Fitness Tip: Biking in Puglia

Spring is BIKE SEASON season in Puglia! Coccaro Maitre Enzo, one of the most passionate (and successful!) bikers in Puglia, invites you to join him around the hills of northern Salento. He’ll be happy to show you the most scenic tours, beautiful and lonely streets and secret places and lookouts for the most spectacular views.

Beauty Tip: Sparkling Eyes

An easy, refeshing mask against dark, swollen rings under the eyes, presented by our massage therapist Alessandra at Coccaro Aveda Spa. This way you might not get rid of the winter but at least of its most unpleasant effects.