Cocktail Course: Caffè Shakerato @ Coccaro Beach Club

Do you like the Italian Classics the way we do?
Then you might have heard about a beautifully tasty cocktail, that gives you just the right push without giving you a big head: It’s called Shakerato and you can order it in any Italian bar: It’ll look quite the same from Bolzano down to Bari, you’ll find the difference in the details…

There’s only few places where they the barmen still know how to do it the classic way, without using the blender machine, since it takes exerience and passion to add the right amount of all the ingredients and then shake until you can no more. Coccaro Beach Club is such a place. Our barmen certainly do have a professional blender (and in busy times they need to use it, otherwise they won’t make it); but ususally it’s a matter of honor to prepare the Shakerato the way it’s meant to be: in an old fashioned shaker.

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Fashion Tip: Swimwear & Bikinis by Sucrette, Lecce

Looking for beautiful swimsuits and bikinis for your holiday in Puglia? It’s as easy as that: Drop by Terry Calogiuri’s recently opened boutique Sucrette in the heart of Lecce.

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Wine Tip: Torre Testa & Stewed Lamb

Here’s what Nicola Capobianco, Chef Maitre and Sommelier di Masseria Torre Maizza, suggests with Lamb à la Pugliese:

Torre Testa 2007, Tenute Rubino, Salento, Brindisi

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Cooking School: Tuna Fillet in a Pistachio, Sesame and Pine Nuts Crust

Here’s Luigi Giannuzzi, our Coccaro Beach Chef, preparing a piece of tasty tuna, lightly fried in a crust of pistachio, black sesame seeds and pine nuts. Nuts ands seeds as well as the fried vegetables on top are giving some kind of “winter feel” to the light and lean summer recipe; soy and shrimp oil will leave a pleasant idea of far east.
Here’s all the ingredients for 1 person.
For the preparation of the anipasto dish just follow our chef.

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Beauty Tip: Olive Oil as a Rejuventing Mask

The stunning effects of Puglian olive oil, extra vergine, used as a nutrifying mask: Angela from Coccaro Spa in Puglia, Salento, uses the natural product to rejuvenate tired skin in the winter. A few drops are enough to achieve marvellous results! Simple massage movements support the maintenance of radiant skin all year long.

Cocktail Course: Maizza Campari Spritz

The Veneto Spritz, also known as Aperol Spritz, is the ultimate Italian aperitivo. Here’s our Maizza version – kind of bitter sweet, presented by our barman Camillo Tagliente.  Give it a try – you might not wanna quit again!

Maizza Campari Spritz

2 drops of Angostura Bitter Orange
1 cl Lychee Liquor
2 cl Bitter Campari
2 cl freshly squeezed orange juice
5 cl dry Spumante

Cool down your glass with ice cubes first. Use a bunch of fresh ice cubes for the cocktail: Mix all the ingredients, starting with the Angostura, the Lychee liquor, the Bitter Campari, the orange juice and, to finish, the Spumante. Decorate with a piece of peeled orange skin. Enjoy!!