Bike Tour: Savelletri – Porto Ghiacciolo – San Vito/Polignano

Puglia is a great destination for bikers, professionals as well as pure fun cyclists. There are interesting and highly challenging up- and downhill tracks all around the masseria, heading towards the Itria valley for example; or stunning coastal roads with hardly any traffic passing.
Enzo, one of our head waiters who has been crossing the entire country on two wheels, will be happy to help you work out a suitable tour for your needs and fitness levels. If you’re really lucky he’ll invite you along on one of his own private tours… Attention though, Enzo is not so much of a fun rider, he’ll be taking it seriously!

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Fitness Tip: Biking in Puglia

Spring is BIKE SEASON season in Puglia! Coccaro Maitre Enzo, one of the most passionate (and successful!) bikers in Puglia, invites you to join him around the hills of northern Salento. He’ll be happy to show you the most scenic tours, beautiful and lonely streets and secret places and lookouts for the most spectacular views.