Bar Tales @MasseriaTorreCoccaro

If you’re into drinks you sure know London’s Savoy, known as the founding place of cocktails as we know them today, thanks to notorious Harry Craddock and his bar-tending bible ‘The Savoy Cocktail Book’. We felt honored to have the head bartender of Savoy’s American Bar of today, Erik Lorencs, as a guest, a mixologist, who must have won more titles and competitions than anyone else in the industry. He came to teach a couple of southern Italian bartenders through the Bar Tales movement, all of them enjoyed the venue a lot. “When I look back at the bartenders who were working with us in the past, they’re all legends and to follow them I need to work even harter”, he pointed out. “The American Bar is such an iconic place for cocktails, so I need to make sure that this place is still on the map and still recognized as a place to enjoy great drinks.”

Peace & Sound: The Magic Music Room

I was wondering if you ever passed by our beautiful music lounge? If not, try to do so, especially now that the days are getting shorter and beach life usually ends around 4 pm. I’m sure you’ll find something nice to listen to, going through hundreds of well selected discs, a best of 50ies to 90ies, from Pop to Jazz and back to Rhythm & Soul, stuff you may not have thought of in a long time. Why don’t you pick your own personal mucial jewel to listen to while sipping on a homemade “vin brulé”? Don’t hesitate to play a personal tune on the piano! You’ll enjoy the audience of fellow travellers who might even want to join in: Among a guitar and a trumpet we are trying to offer all the instruments it needs to make your holiday at Masseria Torre Coccaro an unforgetable one.

Puglia Wine & Land 2014

Masseria Torre Coccaro and Torre Maizze have just hosted the fifth edition of “Puglia Wine and Land.”
Buyers and journalists from around the world met here to taste the best local wines, surrounded by magnificent countryside and the blossoming of an early spring.

Eating and drinking well is very important for everybody in Puglia and the wine is a key part of this philosophy.
Some of the most important wines of southern Italy as the “Negroamaro” or “Primitivo” born right here.

Just make a visit to the wine cellars at the Masserias to discover the variety of wines stocked here to make a dinner or a relaxing aperitivo really special!


Sweet Summer Promise: “Coccarito” by Natale

Inspired by the first warm days of spring, our Coccaro barman Natale created this new summer cocktail: Coccarito. Sounds spanish for a reason (Tequila) and is meant to cheer you up like no other thing. To definitely try out – at our Coccaro bar, including entertaining chats with Natale, or at home, before leaving on holiday again.

Here’s what it takes to get into the “Coccarito” mood:


4/10 Tequila
4/10 Ginger ale
2/10 Lime juice
2 tablespoons of brown sugar
a spring of lemon thyme

Mix all the ingredients in a longdrink glass. And be sure: Every sip is a sweet summer promise…

Pure Relax: The Pool Area at Masseria Torre Maizza

Welcome to the heart of Maizza, the pool area, that reminds of an ancient greek outdoor spa, with large palmtrees, figs and hibiscus growing between generous daybed spaces and little sofa angles where to have lunch, sip on a smoothie or just read a good book.

We asked our lifesaver Manilo to show us around: He used to work at the beach of our partner hotel del Levante at Torre Canne where the other guys used to call him “Mitch” like in the TV series baywatch – for his well built body that he’s keeping in shape continuously. But only at Maizza, working by the pool, he says, he grew up to be a real lifesaver, looking after every detail all by himself.

In fact he’s the one to address to with any kind of question or problem. Manilo personally loves travelling, and even though he can’t escape during the summer because they need him by the pools of Maizza (beside the main one there is the one that belongs to the suite), he still loves meeting and talking to guests who come to visit from all different parts of the world: Australia, America, England, France, Canada… Inspiration, new energy, new acquaintances: That’s what his work environment is offering, he says. He couldn’t imagine to do something different…

Talk to him about offroad motorcycling, surfing or if you want to have a nice chat. Manilo is passionate about all different kinds of extreme sports and will be happy to tell you more about it! In the meantime have Valentina or Loredana from the pool bar prepare some nice Shakerato Caffe or a frozen Diaquiri for you to cool down a bit after long hours on the beach.

For those of you who want to try out at home: Here’s the recipe. Pore it all in your shaker as shown in the video.
6/10 White Rum
3/10 Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice
1/10 Vanilla Sugar
3/10 smashed mango juice
13 ice cubes

Maybe you feel like eating a bite before going to play golf or hiking? Or you just grab a book, lean your legs on to some ancient olive tree and enjoy the peaceful environment… You’ll find the pool area is the perfect place to be and stick around during long, hot Puglia summers!

Taste of Milan: Puglia Memories at the Park Hyatt

This is what happens when a barman from Lecce goes travelling… Giacomo Maroccia who used to work for our friend Davide de Matteis at 300 Mila, Lecce, left his home town quite a while ago to see the world and make new experiences. He travelled the US at first, remained in Texas for a while, then came back to Italy to go studying. We popped into him working part time at the Park Hyatt (Via Tommaso Grossi 1, Milan, Tel: +39 02 8821 1234), Milan, the other day, where he prepared us a couple of Spicy Spritzs, his own variation of the classic, as a welcome drink. Since it’s the perfect thing to have on hot summer days like these (and since he used to be one of our favorite barmen in the area and we’re missing him a lot), we want to share the recipe with you. Here we go: ENJOY!!

Spicy Spritz

4 cl Tequila Blanco
5-6 Leaves of Mint
1 Fresh squeezed Lime
1 Teaspoon brown sugar
Ginger root
Red currant
Soda water
Ginger ale

Place mint leaves, ginger and red currant into a large red wine
glass. Squeeze the juice from a cut lime over it. Add the brown sugar, a splash of club soda and gently smash the the ingredients with a muddler. Add ice (preferably cubes),then Tequila and top-up with ginger ale. Stir gently and garnish with a mint sprig.