The Olive Oil 2014 Has Arrived!

Exciting days in Puglia, same but different every year: Olives are being picked all over the place, so are the ones of hundreds of ancient trees all around the large Masseria Torre Coccaro and Masseria Torre Maizza estates. We usually work with a Masseria nearby to have our own olive oil pressed and bottled to be used in the kitchen and restaurants. Every bucket full of our ripe olives goes straight there. Some of you may have passed by: Masseria Maccarone is one stop on our gourmet bike trip: too beautiful of a place to be missed out. If you should fancy to join in the olive picking experince – there’s nothing more puglia style than that – just let us know: We’ll sure fit you in!

Peppa Pig Comes Alive

Ever wondered where our yummie cheese buffets at the breakfast buffet are from?
We proudly present: Lamapecora, a cheesefarm no more than 3 kms away. We’ll be happy to take you there by bike just to try freshly made ricotta cheese, to watch the son on the family preparing mozzarella of any shape and to have a chat with the owner family who has been running the large farm estate for many years. For families we recommend a hike around the farm: The kids will be able to experience a zoo of another kind! They’ll watch piglets play in the mud, newly born calfs trying their first steps and a herd of sheep of any kind and colour mooing and munching. Not to forget 101 cute little kittens running about the farm… A fabulous place!

A Family of Puglia Lovers

Stefanie Bisping, a well-known german journalist and book writer, has been a Puglia lover ever since she first came to visit Coccaro, years back from now. As she was supposed to write about the family cooking classes she brought her husband Sascha and their son Julius over who – just like her – instantly fell in love with the masseria. “There’s no other place in the world where people appreciate the joy of being as much. That makes Puglia people so irresistibly charming…”
Asked about his favorite masseria feature Stefanie’s son Julius mentions typical Puglia dishes such as Pasta alla Crudaiola. For an 7 year old boy he is also a remarkably talented chef, thanks to the pizza cooking classes in the Coccaro courtyard, says his dad Sascha. He personally can’t get enough of the family trips to Lecce, Alberobello and Cisternino. Last time they passed by on a research journey for Stefanie’s new book they discovered Polignano and had a quick but very cosy lunch at San Vito/Polignano’s “Veranda da Giselda”. To cut a long story short: They’ll be back! There’s a book to finish at last. To find out about their places of the heart in Puglia we warmly recommend Stefanie Bispings “Lesereise Apulien” (, coming out in february 2016.


Still Summer in Puglia

Here we go again, back online after a busy summer 2014 with lots of charming guests. Many of them happy returners, thrilled to meet old friends amongst staff and the owner family. Others Coccaro “beginners” who couldn’t help instantly falling in love with the simple beauty of being in masseria, the perfect cosiness and the relaxed atmosphere where everybody can just BE. Well. here’s the good news: Summer isn’t over yet. Puglia offers so much more than just endless days on the beach. Here are a few impressions of Coccaro these days. Decide for yourself: Would be a treat, wouldn’t it?

Masseria Art: Valentina D’Andrea

There are many ways to announce an extraordinary art exhibition. Let’s try this way for once, sometimes pictures tell more than words… (PS: For those of you who are curious to know more about the artist from the Salento: Join us at Masseria Torre Maizza. Valentina’s Angels will be there all summer…)



Un caffè con calma: Bocafe, Monopoli

Italians don’t seem to appreciate much one thing that many northern Europeans just LOVE: Hanging around in a nice and cosy coffee bar for hours and having one cappuccino after the other while reading magazines, working on the computer, talking with friends…
While they quickly have their short espresso and tend to leave right after, your favorite coffee shop can easiliy become your second home, don’t you agree?
Well, you don’t need to miss out on that beautiful habit any more while you’re on holiday in the south of Italy. At BOCAFE, right in the center of Monopoli, no more than 10 minutes by car from Coccaro and Maizza, you’d wish to stretch out all day, enjoying huge and comfy armchairs, indulging in a heaven of homemade pastries and more than a dozen yummy coffee delicacies (– including the classics, of course: their cappuccino is fabulous!).
And of course you can remain as long as you wish, in fact you don’t even need to get up to have lunch or dinner some place else because the BOCAFE guys (and girls!) are serving good food, too, like one tasty lunch menu per day and a variety of pugliese dishes for dinner.
Why don’t you put it on your list for your next visit in Puglia? BOCAFE is definitely more than just a coffeeshop. For those who aren’t convinced just yet: Their cocktails and aperitivos will make you feel like heaven – in Monopoli! (Via Mazzini, 25, 080 332 8301)