Cooking School: Altamura Bread Icecream & White Chocolate Cream Meet Vegetable Garden

No kidding, he’s an artist: Coccaro pastry chef Martino Neglia, 26 (stations & stages: Bulgari Milan; Sadler Milan; Locanda Solarola Bologna), sure knows how to surprise! He loves simplicity and detests a big show around nothing.For creating a heavenly dessert like our sweet signature dish (Coccaro Summer Menu 2012), it doesn’t take him much more a brief walk through the vegetable garden and a look in the fridge, where he will always find favorite ingredients like cream or milk. “There’s no use knowing how to manipulate if you don’t know the principles“, he wrote in his thesis (“An interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper“), where he claims a return to pure nature in the kitchen, for what concers the preparation of a dish as well as the ingredients.

Here’s what he came up with for the summer season 2012: A dessert like a fresh vegetable garden, fresh and light as well as creamy, crunshy and sweet, with a couple of pure natural ingredients and a few interesting taste twists. Impressing, isn’t it? And not hard to imitate. “See, it’s as simple as that: All it takes are pure and fresh ingredients and dedication during the preparation. This way you won’t miss your Wow Effect!

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Coccaro Pizza @ Easter Olympics!

Ever joined one of our famous kids’ cooking classes around Easter? This year we welcomed more than 30 kids as talented young chefs in the Coccaro Frantoio, where the “professionals” taught the little ones how to make pizza, one next to the other on a long wooden table, or how to paint the most beautiful designs on chocolate easter eggs.
Apart from all the laughing and chatting and shouting and competitive “fighting”: It’s an unforgetable experience for both the kids and their parents (who were curiously watching from behind what their children were up to), following a Pizza from the very first step until one of the chefs takes the “artwork” out of the oven: Crispy and yummy and exactly the way a truly Italian Pizza must be!! Would you like to join in? Here’s the secret recipe of Vincenzo, our Coccaro Pizza specialist (foto):

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Fashion Tip: Swimwear & Bikinis by Sucrette, Lecce

Looking for beautiful swimsuits and bikinis for your holiday in Puglia? It’s as easy as that: Drop by Terry Calogiuri’s recently opened boutique Sucrette in the heart of Lecce.

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Wellness Tip: Home Remedies From Puglia

Oranges!! They boost the immune system, says Liberata from Masseria Torre Coccaro who has spent a lifetime curing colds and other indispositions without using strong medicine right away.
You either squeeze them for yummie orange juice – a glassful a day is perfect to keep you fit all year long – or you prepare them as a salad, pure energy stuff, easy to do and delicous to taste. Peel a handful of fresh, ripe oranges, cut them into slices and use no more than olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper as dressing. It’s as simple as that: a lean and healthy dessert for all seasons and occasions.
Liberata’s got a few more tips to follow to get you through tough times!
We’ve all had our spring colds:  They usually take 10 days, with or without medicine…
Why don’t you try what they do in Puglia, an old home remedy that seems to ease a lot of tension. Prepare an infusion from dry figs, carube fruit and mallow (a small handful each). Let it sim for a bit and strain the mixture through a sieve. Swallow in tiny sips.  You can feel your throat getting better instantly!

Cocktail Course: Tangerine Drop at Bamboo/Armani, Milan

Did I mention we just went to Milan? Mainly to see “Priscilla“, THE musical  (- for those of you who like musicals and/or the film I can assure: You’ll absolutely LOVE it!! Just make sure you’ll get seats in the first row, so you can   jump up when you feel like it and sing and dance along with Gloria Gaynor etc….) but also to check out the fairly new Armani Hotel (Via Manzoni 31): right in the heart of the city, with a lobby that felt a bit like Times Square these days because of the fashion week, a spa on the top floor that made you overlook real Milan in a bathrobe, with your feet in warm pool water, and an inviting bar.

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Coccaro Welcomes 3 Baby Goats: Give them Names!

One is grey & brown, the other two creamy white with dark spots all over… Super cute!! All 3 of them were all born last night. The mother, exhausted and tired, is having a rest at the stable while pony Katharina is giving her company. In the meantime the goat babies are flying from arm to arm… A real baby shower! We took pictures in the back of the kitchen where the “kids” were trying their first cautious steps on their long, slightly trembling legs. After the foto session Peppino took them back to mummy to be fed and have a nap.

The newlyborns don’t have names yet: Do you want to give us a hand? How would YOU call the goat kids at Coccaro stable? Tick, Trick & Track? The 3 musketeers? We’ll be happy to collect all your ideas and keep you posted on the final choice! Thanks for joining in!!

PS: Do you know that goats milk is perfect (baby) nutrition – not only for little baby goats but also for human beings? According to the Journal of American Medicine, “Goat’s milk is the most complete food known”. It contains vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, trace elements, enzymes, protein, and fatty acids that are utilized by your body with ease. In fact, your body can digest goat’s milk in just 20 minutes. It takes 2-3 hours to digest cow’s milk. So when you come down to Masseria Torre Coccaro next time, ask for goat milk at breakfast: You’ll find it’s a real treat!