Bar Tales @MasseriaTorreCoccaro

If you’re into drinks you sure know London’s Savoy, known as the founding place of cocktails as we know them today, thanks to notorious Harry Craddock and his bar-tending bible ‘The Savoy Cocktail Book’. We felt honored to have the head bartender of Savoy’s American Bar of today, Erik Lorencs, as a guest, a mixologist, who must have won more titles and competitions than anyone else in the industry. He came to teach a couple of southern Italian bartenders through the Bar Tales movement, all of them enjoyed the venue a lot. “When I look back at the bartenders who were working with us in the past, they’re all legends and to follow them I need to work even harter”, he pointed out. “The American Bar is such an iconic place for cocktails, so I need to make sure that this place is still on the map and still recognized as a place to enjoy great drinks.”


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