Masterchef in 7 Days

Remember Stefan Maiwald, the journalist/writer/friend of the house who happens to drop by every now and then, usually plays a few balls on the Maizza golfcourse, stays for a chat and some glasses of wine with our sommelier Paolo Scarafile and never leaves without great ideas for new articles, books whatsoever? You may have come across his book about the best pasta in the world where he featured, among others, the secret pasta recipes of our masseria chefs.
His new book, again, sounds very promising: “Spitzenkoch in sieben Tagen” (;  engl.: “How to become a masterchef in no more than 7 seven days“. A real challenge, so to speak. But with professional help you can actually make it, Maiwald explains on 200 pages. Well-known masterchefs from all over the world such as Hans Haas, Heinz Winkler and some of our masseria chefs such as Cosimo Massaro (Maiwald: “the fish whisperer“) gave him a good hand…

For those of you who are curious to know what it’s all about: We’re about to organize a workshop on the behalf. Wanna join in and become a star? We’re expecting you!