Almost Xmas…?

Doesn’t seem like it at all! While down by the sea locals are still having their daily swim at Masseria Torre Coccaro we are keeping all our outdoor spaces open and cosy until temperatures won’t finally fall a bit. Lush Flowers are flourishing in the gardens all around the masseria, our vegetable garden is full of ripe fennel, eggplant, broccoli and fresh spices. Taking a long stroll before sunset is the nicest thing to do these days, topped only by the services of our barman Camillo. For tonight’s aperitivo he is preparing mozzarella and tomato sticks, crispy mini toasts with a drop of fresh olive oil, spicy ricotta and dried tomato, crunchy almonds and a selection of homemade pickles, preferably to go with a glass of prosecco or chilled white wine and, for those who can’t do without, Michael Bublés beautiful Xmas Compilation to sing and swing along. Low season? We’d say this is the best time of the year!