What’s Cooking, Chef?

Here’s a new edition of our new series Up, close & personal: We want to look behind the scenes for you and find out what our masseria and beachclub chefs like to eat while they’re off duty… Let us assure you that there’ll be lots of delicious surprises while you’re following our online cookbook! This recipe is one of them: Piero from the Coccaro Beach team (on he picture below he is preparing fresh octopus) told us his secret favorite dish: Fresh shrimps with a spicy and crunchy twist. Highly recommendable….
Shrimp crusted with three pepper and cream of carrot & ginger 
Ingredients for two people:
5 carrots
20 gr. ginger
10 peeled shrimps
150 gr red, green and black pepper

Fry the breaded shrimps in sunflower seed oil. In the meantime, boil the carrots with ginger and blend. Put the cream on the bottom of the dish and add the fried shrimps.
Drizzle with olive oil and salt. Piero suggests to add breadsticks as a beautiful roundup…

Buon appetito!