A Family of Puglia Lovers

Stefanie Bisping, a well-known german journalist and book writer, has been a Puglia lover ever since she first came to visit Coccaro, years back from now. As she was supposed to write about the family cooking classes she brought her husband Sascha and their son Julius over who – just like her – instantly fell in love with the masseria. “There’s no other place in the world where people appreciate the joy of being as much. That makes Puglia people so irresistibly charming…”
Asked about his favorite masseria feature Stefanie’s son Julius mentions typical Puglia dishes such as Pasta alla Crudaiola. For an 7 year old boy he is also a remarkably talented chef, thanks to the pizza cooking classes in the Coccaro courtyard, says his dad Sascha. He personally can’t get enough of the family trips to Lecce, Alberobello and Cisternino. Last time they passed by on a research journey for Stefanie’s new book they discovered Polignano and had a quick but very cosy lunch at San Vito/Polignano’s “Veranda da Giselda”. To cut a long story short: They’ll be back! There’s a book to finish at last. To find out about their places of the heart in Puglia we warmly recommend Stefanie Bispings “Lesereise Apulien” (www.picus.at), coming out in february 2016.