Eating is Energy: The Maizza-Garuda-Meal

You may have read about the GARUDA retreat, taking place at Masseria Torre Maizza from april 18th till 22th. We’re proud to have famous James D’Silva, teacher of Sting, Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna, over here in Puglia to offer four intense workout days (

And what are we going to eat? Vito Giannuzzi asked himself. Our Maizza chef is more of a dancer than a Yogi (foto below) but since he wanted to prepare a wellness menu for the GARUDA group, with a couple of dishes that should stand out as much as the fitness part, he came up with unique ideas like this one:

Cappelletti out of Senator grain, vaporized, with a stuffing of beans and liquid chicory, with candied red onion and a paté of dried tomatoes  

Senator Pasta 100 gr
Beans puree 100 gr
Chicory 100 gr
Gelatine 10 gr
Dried tomatoes  10 gr
Red Onion 10 gr
Prepare the pasta with a stuffing of pureed beans and chicory. Cook the red onion in slightly acid water. Cook and prepare as seen on the picture.

Vito Giannuzzi, Maizza chef:For the practising GARUDA student eating is pure energy. Keeping up the energy flow – that’s the idea! Consciusness is the key: Eating without haste, enjoying every bite as a part of a big flow. Harmony and consciousness were my inspiration for the dish I created. The ingredients are supposed to reflect the poverty of our territory and the history of our ancestors. They used to work hard on the fields and in the evening they ate what the land had to offer. Simple but nutriscious food like Senator grain, flour of raw wheat, beans and wild chicory – all that sort of stuff. The dish expresses simplicity, pureness and a healthy approach to food – in respect for nature, rediscovering natural flavours, and, most of all, listening to what our body needs.

PS: This foto is for those of you who wouldn’t believe that our chef actually is a semi- professional dancer. “Bella figura!” Not only behind the kitchen pots…