Eating is Energy: The Maizza-Garuda-Meal

You may have read about the GARUDA retreat, taking place at Masseria Torre Maizza from april 18th till 22th. We’re proud to have famous James D’Silva, teacher of Sting, Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna, over here in Puglia to offer four intense workout days (

And what are we going to eat? Vito Giannuzzi asked himself. Our Maizza chef is more of a dancer than a Yogi (foto below) but since he wanted to prepare a wellness menu for the GARUDA group, with a couple of dishes that should stand out as much as the fitness part, he came up with unique ideas like this one:

Cappelletti out of Senator grain, vaporized, with a stuffing of beans and liquid chicory, with candied red onion and a paté of dried tomatoes  

Senator Pasta 100 gr
Beans puree 100 gr
Chicory 100 gr
Gelatine 10 gr
Dried tomatoes  10 gr
Red Onion 10 gr
Prepare the pasta with a stuffing of pureed beans and chicory. Cook the red onion in slightly acid water. Cook and prepare as seen on the picture.

Vito Giannuzzi, Maizza chef:For the practising GARUDA student eating is pure energy. Keeping up the energy flow – that’s the idea! Consciusness is the key: Eating without haste, enjoying every bite as a part of a big flow. Harmony and consciousness were my inspiration for the dish I created. The ingredients are supposed to reflect the poverty of our territory and the history of our ancestors. They used to work hard on the fields and in the evening they ate what the land had to offer. Simple but nutriscious food like Senator grain, flour of raw wheat, beans and wild chicory – all that sort of stuff. The dish expresses simplicity, pureness and a healthy approach to food – in respect for nature, rediscovering natural flavours, and, most of all, listening to what our body needs.

PS: This foto is for those of you who wouldn’t believe that our chef actually is a semi- professional dancer. “Bella figura!” Not only behind the kitchen pots…

Back for Better: Coccaro Beach Club

It’s about time!!
Coccaro Beach Club will reopen up this weekend after a winter that seemed far too long….
The guys have been busy preparing all the details for your arrival: They painted floors and fences in sexy white, stuffed all the larders up to the ceilings with fresh food & drinks – and, last but not least, heated up the cappuccino machine. Cos’ there’s no better spot for your first morning coffee!
Certainly, there’s lots of news to tell about the most elegant spot on the adriatc coast this year: Apart from the “classics” like Coccaro Jazz and our notorious Opening and High Season parties, the glamourous wedding services etc. there’s a whole new world opening up for the little ones: Make your kids join our new kids club and find out for yourself how relaxing a family day on the beach can be!
No doubt about Luigi Giannuzzi and his crew awaiting you behind the scenes – with delicious fish platters, crunchy salads and grilled delicacies…
Finally the waiting’s over: From tomorrow on it’ll be Coccaro Beach Club time gain! Join us any time: You won’t regret it!

Sweet Summer Promise: “Coccarito” by Natale

Inspired by the first warm days of spring, our Coccaro barman Natale created this new summer cocktail: Coccarito. Sounds spanish for a reason (Tequila) and is meant to cheer you up like no other thing. To definitely try out – at our Coccaro bar, including entertaining chats with Natale, or at home, before leaving on holiday again.

Here’s what it takes to get into the “Coccarito” mood:


4/10 Tequila
4/10 Ginger ale
2/10 Lime juice
2 tablespoons of brown sugar
a spring of lemon thyme

Mix all the ingredients in a longdrink glass. And be sure: Every sip is a sweet summer promise…

Spa Special: Yoga & Shiatsu Cabin

For those of you who like extraordinary body & wellness experiences, here’s something new:
Coccaro just opened up its first Yoga & Shiatsu only Spa cabin! Giuseppe, experienced Yoga teacher and Shiatsu master from Ostuni, is expecting You for Yoga individuals (all levels) or intense Shiatsu sessions. You don’t need to bring anything but enthusiam – he’ll provide all the rest. Just check it out!

Hata Yoga & Vinyasana Yoga

It consists of body exercises, positions, dynamic and static sequences, guided relaxation and breathing cycles coordinated with the asanas. Asana postures allows to re-educate wrong postures, to correct repetitive and purely routine movements and to acquire greater stability, solidity and flexibility. It also allows to loosen up muscle tension, inner conflicts and to experience a state of unity between body and mind. It helps the development of a deeper sensibility, enhancing the expansion of consciousness and intelligence and the awareness of one’s own resources and strengths.


Shiatsu derives from the Japanese words shi (finger) and atsu (pressure).
Shiatsu considers body, mind and soul in their totality, that is each of these parts integrated with each other. This is why this practice tries to understand the causes of energy unbalance producing physical distress, rather than considering the symptom of the problem alone.
Shiatsu uses different diagnosis and treatment techniques employing the most simple and essential of man’s means: hands. The mere pressure of thumbs and palms acts on localized areas of the body along the paths of energy meridians. In this way organs and inner systems are stimulated and harmonized, thus activating the natural process of self-recovering.

The treatment can take place on the floor on a comfortable futon with the original technique of master Namikoshi. The session lasts about one hour. The treatment is practiced with loose clothes and, above all, not made of acrylic or synthetic fibres, therefore tracksuits, sweatshirts, kimonos.

The Zen Shiatsu practice gives manifold benefits. Though it is not possible to make a thorough list of positive benefits, some of the advantages of the treatment can be mentioned: it gives total psychophysical wellbeing, fights stress, improves and promotes metabolism; it helps to solve hormonal and bowel problems and disorders, alleviates neck pain, backache and headache, improves circulation, improves the drainage of the lymphatic system and the sleep-wake cycle.

For detailed information contact our reception desk.