Harvest Period in Puglia: The New Olive Oil has Arrived!

Busy times in olive country Puglia! We, too, have started our olive harvest around the masserias. The first bottles of COCCARO and MAIZZA oil have arrived: The long and dry summer 2012 made it more delicious and tastier than ever. Who wants to join in or combine a fall vacation with a few hours of relaxing olive picking: There’s thousands of trees around! We’re looking forward to having you back.

There’s no Better Bread: The Giant Loafs From Altamura & Matera

You like the smell of freshly prepared bread just as much as we do? You’ll definitely have to try Matera and Altamura bread then! Rich in history and tradition the bread is made from durum wheat re-milled semolina, a mixture of wheats grown on the central-north Apulian plateau, known as the “Murgia”, and on the Matera hills. One of the most significant aspects of Altamura bread, together with its special flavour and digestibility, is its prolonged capacity of preservation. The bread keeps its taste and crunchiness for up to five days from the date of production. Altamura bread has an outside crusty and crunchy brown crust and an inside cell-like straw-coloured soft part. We’re recommending it toasted, for breakfast, or cut in thick slices as a side dish.

Autumn in Puglia: How Colourful!

Don’t miss Masseria Torre Coccaro in the fall! There’s so many more things to see and do than you would probably expect. You’ll find our garden greener than ever: The orange and lemon trees, pomegranate and prickly pears are full of ripe fruit that you’ll find at the breakfast buffet; fresh fennel and broccoli make a great side dish for lunch or dinner. Like walking on sunshine: All the pathes around the masseria are covered with red and rosé bougainvilla petals. Our AVEDA Spa is open, gentle and professional massage therapists are awaiting you. Go have a swim in the pool before you have your treatment or spoil yourself with a purifying steam bath! Enjoy peaceful days under the blue Puglia sky, go have a walk along the adriatic coast, try an aperitivo by the sea and finish off with a highlight: a romantic candlelight dinner on the covered terrace or, more intimate even, in front of the fireplace in one of our cosy “salotti”. There’s plenty to experience around the masseria – come by and find out: We’re expecting you!