Ferragosto at Coccaro: Country Feast à la Fellini

There’s a few traditions about the Masseria Torre Coccaro that we will never quit: Our Ferragosto country feast is one of them! Every 15th of august from Blue Hour on our courtyard becomes a big cooking, playing and partying space for everyone!
Kids are having fun with big balloons, clowns & artists and sweets all over while their parents enjoy a great brass consert during dinner; the guests are usually serving themselves at our various food stalls around the old church: Ham, freshly cut, all sorts of Puglia cheeses, olives of any kind as fingerfood antipasti; grilled fish, baked vegetables, Panzerotti and Pizza as a main and, for dessert, one of Martino Neglia’s sweet delicacies, served behind the Frantoio this year.
There’s flying drinks all over the place and a late-night-bar on top of the stalls, where Natale offers his cocktail masterpieces from classic Manhattan to the famous Campari Spritz.
Sounds like fun? It definitely is!!
Looking forward to seeing you there next year…

Fresh Vegetables as a Starter: Don’t Forget the Proper Puglia Salsa Though…

You certainly noticed: Puglia people love to nibble on fresh, crispy vegetables before starting a meal. Fennel, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes – anything goes to improve your appetite! At Masseria Torre Coccaro we’re offering a homemade salsa going along with the greens (usually freshly picked in our vegetable garden): It’s a dip, smooth as icecream, bittersweet like good chocolate and salty enough to go well with your favorite Aperitivo. Extraordinary stuff that makes a simple thing (like an ordinary slice of cucumber) really special…

Since we’ve been asked many times we’d like to share the recipe with you: Here you go! Just mix all the ingredients with a blender and try from time to time until it’s exactly the taste you like.

400 ml Olive Oil, Extra Vergine
100 ml Balsamic Vinegar
1 Spoonful of mustard
Add salt & pepper, as much as you like

There’s a whole lot of varieties that you might want to try or experiment with. The most popular ones are red onions (chopped into tiny pieces), garlic (tinier pieces even!) or freshly chopped kitchen herbs. Go ahead! Our chef Donato & his team are wishing you a good and healthy aperitivo hour!