Let the Energy Flow: Tai Chi Chuan Lessons under the Olive Trees

Abusing a part of the golf course can’t be wrong – if it’s for a Tai Chi lesson, like we did this morning at Masseria Torre Maizza. Martine Balanza, who studied with the famous masters Chu King Hung and Carlo Lopez and has been teaching the ancient art herself for many years. It may seem a dance but it’s more of a “meditation in movement”, our master says. Tai Chi collects thoughts and emotions and transforms them into energy flow, calming both body and mind. The excercise helps to stabilize harmony end peace while the body is in perfect balance, moving in a natural, gentle way without using your muscles but mostly by letting go or concentrating on different parts of the body: The breath becomes calmer, the blood flow more stable and strong and the body movements and poses more elastic throughout practising. You can follow the ancient chinese pilosophy all your life, in your own personal way, on your own paste, or in groups like we did this morning. The chinese believe that it’s like singing: You can’t train your voice if you don’t practise regularly. In chinese gardens you’ll find lots of people of all age groups, leaving their bird cages in a tree for half an hour while they’re doing their regular Tai Chi pratice, either the ancient 24 excercises or the famous 108 movements. Check it out – it’s the best and most relaxing start of the day! Martine will drop by on demand, ask at the reception desk for further information.