Yoga: Coccaro Teacher Giuseppe Doing Morning Exercise on the Beach

Buongiorno everybody!
Finished your daily sun salutations yet?

We’ve recently moved our Yoga lessons to the outside: In the evenings we’re praticing on the Coccaro and Maizza rooftop terrace, with the sunset all around us and the scent of the sea nearby. On a sunny day like today, early in the morning, there is no better place than Coccaro beachclub, with hardly a soul around, a beautifully calm and relaxing atmosphere down by the sea, our lifesaver Onofrio who gently says Hi and our fabulous barmen Coco, Mimmo and Onofrio behind the bar – for a glass of fruitjuice or some green tea to finish your yoga practice in style…

Giuseppe Intermite, our yoga teacher, studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and became a Shiatsu master (F.I.S. – FEDERAZIONE ITALIANA SHIATSU) while pracitising to become a yoga teacher in Modena (ISA MODENA ISTITUTO SUPERIORE DI APLOMB). His Yoga school is called NARAYANA CETRO STUDI YOGA and it’s a combination of Asanas (fast and slow) and Pranayama practice. Intermite is also experienced in Martial Arts (Judo, Karate) and used to be a professional volleyball player.

To start off his beach session this morning he’s going for Warrior I – Virabhadrasana I.
Just follow his movements, it’s going to be a great way to line up all your energy and concentrate on your forces. To make it easier please find the detailed description right here.

From Downward Facing Dog bring the right foot forward next to the right hand.

Pivot on the ball of the left foot and drop the left heel on to the floor with the toes turned out about 45 degrees from the heel.

Bend the right knee directly over the right ankle, so that your thigh is parallel to the floor.

Draw the right hip back and the left hip forward, so that the hips are squared to the front.

Bring the arms out to the side and up.

Bring your palms to touch and gaze up toward the thumbs, coming into a slight backbend.

Slide the shoulder blades down the back.

Repeat on the left side.

Enjoy the time for yourself, breathe in and out deeply, relax – and embrace the day! We’re expecting you at Masseria Torre Coccaro for the next lesson. Namaste.