Puglia Guide: Beachhopping: Lido Bizzarro

May is a great time to explore the beaches all along the Adriatic coast! You’ll find lonesome, long sandy bays and a beautiful coastline, especially in the area of Fasano/Torre Canne. They all claim the “Bandiera Blu”: All over Italy there’s no more than 246 beaches with this important italian quality certificate. We would like to present you one of our off-season-favorites: Lido Bizzarro, known for it’s great situation for surfers (Windsurfing as well as Kitesurfing), located between Torre Canne and Ostuni, exactly where you leave the main road that leads from Fasano to Brindisi (exit Torre Canne Sud).

Today there were no more than two couples taking a relaxed sunbath on the beach, with a bunch of people passing by, having a drink at the bar or just excercising: From Lido Bizzarro you can beach-walk for as long as you can possibly imagine!

We talked to Giuseppe Laghezza, one of the lifesavers (and owner partners) of the beachclub who had just finished cleaning the beach after two days of heavy storm. His cousin Pasquina (another owner), who spends half of the year in Miami and just came back to Italy to spend the peak season at Lido Bizzarro, showed us around the restaurant.

“A perfect place to have a relaxed lunch or dinner on the sea”, she says. On the terrace as well as inside, where one might feel a bit like in Miami (won’t be by chance!)- between white walls, beautiful accessoiries all over the place and an open kitchen where they would prepare mostly fish dishes (80 % of the menu) and fresh pasta variations. Their signature dish is a typically puglian recipe: Spaghetti con Cozze alla Marinara (Spaghetti with mussels in a green sauce), another plate to definitely try would be “la frittura”, fried seafood of any kind..