Eating out in Bari: Go for the Classic – Bella Bari!

It’s located right next to University of Bari, but the crowd that you’ll meet for lunch or dinner at Bella Bari (Via Roberto da Bari 141, BARI 70100, Tel. 080-5235192) is rather a mix of politicians, actors & actresses, writers + advocats – “insomma gente benestante”, as they say for the rich and the beautiful of Bari. “It’s a classic”, explains Nicola, who has been running the place together with his two brothers for many years now; since they refurbished the interior a few months ago it seems to go through a new revival, one out of many over the years.

People always came for the great food, fish and seafood, as fresh as you can possibly imagine, but also pizza, ciccio ( – the Puglia version of pizza, which is more of a pizza bread with fresh tomatoes, ruccola and mozzarella chesse, not melted, on top) and a pasta dish that will definitely drive any pasta lover crazy: Spaghetti all’Assassina (Spaghetti of the Murderess). There’s people who drive all the way from Milan to order this kind of pasta that is hot like a mexican tortilla and tastier than any other pasty variation that you’ve ever tried! It definitely needs a wood stove though… For those of you who might wanna try this hottie at home, just follow the explanation of Bella Bari owner and chef Nico Lorusso.
All it takes is pasta, cooked very al dente, chopped off tomatoes (the little, tasty ones), fresh peppers to taste, the more the better, and olive oil, to keep everything juicy while in the oven. Mix all the ingredients in a pan first, then put it into a casserole form to bake it at high temperature for a few minutes, so that the crust gets really crunchy. Take it out of the oven, when the surface starts to turn dark, use two forks to pull everything slightly apart and arrange the dish on an “innocently” white plate. Then let them come: Your Spaghetti All’Assassina!