Cooking School: Risotto with Fresh Scampis, Buffalo Ricotta and a Sorbet of Mandarins

Risotto undoubtedly is one of trickiest things in italian cuisine! There’s many details to look after, starting off with the right kind of rice and finishing with the appropriate cooking time: The rice needs to remain some kind of crunchy even though well cooked… It’s something for ambitious beginners – following our Maizza chef Vito Giannuzzi you won’t have any problems though.
Here’s our Maizza Summer Risotto: A combination of the southern italian lightness of being and combining ingredients like scampis and mandarins with the tasty northern italian rice (Cannaroli) from Pavia, known for its high quality.
Note: You won’t need an icemaker for the sorbet, just use an ordinary ice machine to prepare the frozen mandarins.

For the Risotto:
80 g Cannaroli Rice
400 g Fish Fond
3 Scampis without the Shells
40 g Buffalo Ricotta
20 g Caglio (rennet: enzyme that derives from the preparation of cheese)
Olive Oil

For the Sorbet:
400 g Mandarins
200 g Syrup (Sugar/Water)
20 g Fresh Mint

Mix the mandarins with syrup and mint in a proper ice machine and let it all freeze over at -20 degrees. To reach the right consistency it’ll take about 48 hours.

Put the olive oil and the chopped onions in a pan, add the rennet to deglaze (instead of white whine which is usually used but kind of destroys the taste of the fresh ingredients since it’s too dominant), then add the fish fond and let it all simmer for more or less 14 minutes.

In the meantime saute the scampis with a few tyme leafs, only shortly though, they need to remain fresh and tender. Put them apart and let them rest for a minute. Meanwhile finish the risotto. Add a spoonful of buffalo ricotta and let it “melt” in your cooked rice to give it a slightly cheesy note.

Prepare everything on a plate, using the risotto as a “bed” that you decorate with little eggs of ricotta cheese and flower leaves. Not to forget the sorbet of mandarins to give it an exotic twist. Enjoy your meal!