Gardening Tip: How to Plant Your Own Spice Garden

Remember Todi, our gardener? He spends all day between the two masserias and the beachclub to look after the gardens and plants. After the winter there was a lot to cut down, to replant and to adjust. Now that spring has arrived Todi concentrates on planting and sowing all over the place… The spice garden at Massera Torre Coccaro itself is worth a stroll, so beautiful is it, with all the different herbs like mint, rosemary or basil to smell, taste and try!

We asked Todi to show us how to prepare a professional little herb garden for the balcony or an outdoor terrace, for we like the idea of having all the useful herbs for mediterranean cuisine handy. What’s easier than jumping outside to pick a few basil leves or a fresh Pasta alla Crudaiola? Or to pick a bunch of mints for a homemade Mojito? See, that’s why…

Todi made a diploma out of it! What he prepared behind the greenhouse at Masseria Torre Maizza looked like a professional gardener’s course. You won’t imagine how much it takes to plant a few greens… But for Todi every single plant has its importance, every movement in the garden, either small or big, has to be well prepared and executed thoughtfully and with passion.

First of all: Think about where to put your herbs. What kind of pots do you need? Which material do you like and what’s best for the plants?  Try to pick a spot in the wind silence, with little, never too much sun. Clay is meant to be  the best material, since it maintains the freshness inside, even during a hot summer. But you can practically use any kind of pot material, as long as you make sure your’re cutting or drilling a few holes in the bottom to let water flow out.

The mixture of the soil you’re about to use is just as important! It has to be fertile enough to not soffocate the greens in the first place, and it needs to be light, too, with a good addition of turf, to make sure the roots can move. We added a bit of local soil, strained through a sieve. On the bottom of the vase (and, to finish, on top) we put a handful of vulcanic stones, that will let the water pass more easily. On top we spread sweet sand, won out of a river bed, to purify the water that will leak…… For the rest just watch the professional… We’re wishing you a great summer season on your own green and fertile balcony!

  • Domingo Iudice

    This is a perfect tip: hope I’ll do a perfect execution!