Cocktail Course: Caffè Shakerato @ Coccaro Beach Club

Do you like the Italian Classics the way we do?
Then you might have heard about a beautifully tasty cocktail, that gives you just the right push without giving you a big head: It’s called Shakerato and you can order it in any Italian bar: It’ll look quite the same from Bolzano down to Bari, you’ll find the difference in the details…

There’s only few places where they the barmen still know how to do it the classic way, without using the blender machine, since it takes exerience and passion to add the right amount of all the ingredients and then shake until you can no more. Coccaro Beach Club is such a place. Our barmen certainly do have a professional blender (and in busy times they need to use it, otherwise they won’t make it); but ususally it’s a matter of honor to prepare the Shakerato the way it’s meant to be: in an old fashioned shaker.

Onofrio Raimondi, 24, is one of the youngest – a talented and highly passionate barman though. Asked for a Shakerato he smiles gently, says nothing but “con molto piacere!” and starts to set up the ingredients:

For the coffee
1 espresso coffee, prepared in any kind of coffee machine
2 teaspoons of brown sugar
1/3 espresso cup of Frangelico (nut liquor)
6-8 ice cubes
1/2 teaspoon Nescafe

For the decoration
1 slice of orange
thin peel of orange, twisted

Here’s he preparation to follow step by step:
Start preparing the coffee, put your ice cubes in the shaker, add the brown sugar, the liquor and the Nescafe. Meanwhile have a cockatil glass ready, decorate the edge with cacao (the slice of orange will serve as liquid to stick the cacao onto he glass). Shake as strong as you can for at least half a minute! Then pour the coffee gently through the cocktail sip, make sure you don’t destroy the foam that you’ve only just created. Decorate with the orange twist.

Be proud if the sugar is wandering downwards slowly, the foam remains on top and the liquid part is of beautiful brown color, changing shade every second: This is the way an original Shakerato should be. And don’t worry if the first one doesn’t turn out soooo well. Remember, it’s ART! Try again and sooner or later you’ll get there….
We’re expecting you at Coccaro Beach any time!