Bike Tour: Savelletri – Porto Ghiacciolo – San Vito/Polignano

Puglia is a great destination for bikers, professionals as well as pure fun cyclists. There are interesting and highly challenging up- and downhill tracks all around the masseria, heading towards the Itria valley for example; or stunning coastal roads with hardly any traffic passing.
Enzo, one of our head waiters who has been crossing the entire country on two wheels, will be happy to help you work out a suitable tour for your needs and fitness levels. If you’re really lucky he’ll invite you along on one of his own private tours… Attention though, Enzo is not so much of a fun rider, he’ll be taking it seriously!

Spring is definitely a great biking season! The winter storms are over, you’ll find millions of poppyseeds all over the place and the air smells like cherries, fennel and fresh ocean water… Why don’t you go discovering the masseria surroundings on your own or with a local guide that our reception can organize for you any time? There’s so many things to see in the radius of a few kilometers only. We’ll provide bikes, suitable tour maps and lunchbags for on the way.

One of our favorite spring cycling tours will take you along the coast towards Bari. It’s a beautiful, scenic road with marvellous seaview, definitely worth the effort! Have a first coffee stop at Coccaro Beach Club, make sure you put sunscreen on, grab a banana, head for Capitolo and a bit further down that road until you reach Porto Ghiacciolo:

After a drink and a swim (crystal clear water – don’t miss it!!) head for Monopoli, where you can leave the bikes for a minute while you stroll around the ancient city, take a look at the old port and have a little chat with the fishermen on Piazza Venezia. Hungry? There’s only a few kilometres more to go until you reach Polignano, your aperitivo stopover. Check in at Bar Turismo on the main raod leading through the twon, where they offer the best icecream in the area! For those of you who really want to see somethign special we recommend a walk to the two viewpoints in the centro storico: They’ll give you and idea of what this place is about: It’s not too hard to believe that they run world championships for cliff jumpers here! Now you’re almost there: San Vito/ Polignano, your lunch breack and final destinaion (29,3 km sharp from the masseria) is only a few breaths away…

Watch our for the most beautiful spot on the sea, an restaurant called “Da Giselda”. You’ll find it divine to sit like between traditional fisherboats and enjoy a fresh pasta dish, a fish plate and some terrific dessert! Giselda, one of the owners, is probably going to be there, too: Make sure you meet her, she’s just as magnificent as the place itself.