Coccaro Pizza @ Easter Olympics!

Ever joined one of our famous kids’ cooking classes around Easter? This year we welcomed more than 30 kids as talented young chefs in the Coccaro Frantoio, where the “professionals” taught the little ones how to make pizza, one next to the other on a long wooden table, or how to paint the most beautiful designs on chocolate easter eggs.
Apart from all the laughing and chatting and shouting and competitive “fighting”: It’s an unforgetable experience for both the kids and their parents (who were curiously watching from behind what their children were up to), following a Pizza from the very first step until one of the chefs takes the “artwork” out of the oven: Crispy and yummy and exactly the way a truly Italian Pizza must be!! Would you like to join in? Here’s the secret recipe of Vincenzo, our Coccaro Pizza specialist (foto):

Pizza Vincenzo, classical style (4 pax)

For the doe: 

Flour (1 kg)
Olive oil, extra vergine (1 glass)
Salt (1 spoon)
Sugar (1/2 spoon)
Beer yeast (50 gr)
Water (1 litre)

For the topping:

Fresh Tomato Salsa
Fresh Mozzarella
Olive Oil

Mix the flour with water, oil, salt, sugar and yeast until you get a light and homogenous doe. Leave it for 3 to 4 hours.
Cut the doe in 4 pieces of ca. 200 g and let them rest another hour. Roll the doe to pizza shaped circles, then add tomato salsa, mozzarella and olive oil. Bake the pizza at high temperature  (220°) until it gets its tipical golden brown colour.
Eat while it’s hot!

Vincenzo: “Don’t hesitate to add other ingredients to improve the style, I suggest thin slices of sausage  (in Puglia you will find he most extraordinary type: Capocollo from Martina Franca) or “Scamorza affumicata”, a very tasty cheese from Puglia. For those who love the classic style but would still like to add something new: Fresh Basil makes a tasty twist – and reminds of the Mediterranean...”