Bar Tip: Speakeasy, Bari

There’s a new place in town: cosy as a private home, sophisticated as a modern art gallery, stylish as a hotel bar in London, Liverpool, Chicago. All of that on 15 square meters, called Speakeasy – like the places that sold alcoholic drinks during the American prohibition. The two owners who’ve seen their share of Bari nightlife (both of  them ex-”Stile Libero”-people) are declared cocktail lovers. Order your favorite, as extraordinary as it may be –  there’s hardly anything you won’t get here.

We dropped by to say hello and watched the guys preparing Cosmopolitan, the Carrie Bradshaw one, right, easily mistaken for some kind of Martini, just becaus e it’s served in a cocktail glass. Here’s the SPEAKEASY variation, for you to try out at home: Mix two parts lemon vodka to one part triple sec combined with one part cranberry and the juice of half a lime. A lime wedge and a cocktail cherry are used to garnish.

Don’t miss a visit though, the bar is definitely worth it!

Details on live music events or other special nights at the Speakeasy, Bari: