Cooking School: Bean Soup with Grilled Scamorza Cheese, Dried Tomatoes and Crispy Wild Onions

Ever tried Smashed Bean Soup with a twist of aromatic Scamorza cheese, wild onions, dried tomatoes and crispy bread? Here’s how Antonio Scalera, former “Grotta Palazzese” chef (Polignano), now the owner of La Bul Restaurant in Via Villari 52, Bari (, approaches the traditional recipe.
On the smashed bean cream he would first add a a couple of cooked whole beans,  ”to make you realize you’re undoubtedly eating beans”, he says, while baking the Scamorza cheeze until it melts slightly.

As a next step he would place a thin slice of grilled white bread on top, “to give it a crispy touch”.
Further on he would add the hot cheese together with a dried tomato.
Thin slices of wild onion  (in Puglia called “sponsale”), baked until crispy, would be used as tasty  decoration, thin leaves of wild fennel make a green and fresh finish.
Before serving the plate he would sprinkle olive oil, extra virgin, on top which serves to make the whole dish round and harmonic.