Cooking School: Bari meets Bali…

…or: The Munich Kochgarage, Graciela and her nephews, came down to visit friends and colleagues at Coccaro Beach, where they parked their caravan for a few days and went off to do some research on Puglia cuisine in and around the masserias. Since Graciela had only just come back from a cooking school trip to Bali she had to show our beachclub team what she had learnt in exchange for the pasta recipes. An experience to remember for everyone involved!

Fern Lawar
Serves 6-8

500 gm. fern 2 lime leaves, shredded
1 – ½ cup coconut, grilled & grated 3 tbsp. fried shallot
salt to taste 2 tbsp. oil and lime juice

Lawar is a ceremonial food and part of a sacred task known as “Mebat”. This refers to the chopping of all the ingredients to be used in the ceremony by the local men. Seated in a large circle, armed with cleavers and rustic chopping boards, vegetables, coconut and spices are rhythmically “chopped”. At the head of the task group sits the man who is mixing Lawar. In the traditional recipe, animal blood and entrails are added, as well as lots of extra chopped chilli.
Steam or boil the fern, and chopped finely. Mix the lime leaves, sambal goreng, fried shallots, thoroughly with the grated coconut and lime juice. Add the cooked, chopped fern. Add salt, extra fried onion and lime leaves if necessary.