Book Tip: How to find the best Pasta in the world?

You can – but certainly you don’t have to like Pasta to LOVE this book: Stefan Maiwald, famous german writer and passionate golf player, came all the way to Puglia by car and stayed with us for a few weeks. His experience as a “writer in residence” and therefore guest of the masserias (who eventually become one us after a while), is more than entertaining. Outstandingly funny, with a great cultural impact: “Meine Suche nach der besten Pasta der Welt” – a MUST READ.


Stefan Maiwald:

“If anyone needed a proof how great life as an author can be (well, at least sometimes) – this is it: I lived as a writer in residence in Torre Coccaro and Torre Maizza for four weeks in February 2011. It is not only the tasteful, historic atmosphere and the sheer beauty of the environment, close to the unspoiled sea, surrounded by century-old olive trees – the whole place has a very inspiring atmosphere, which is created by the owner Vittorio Muolo, an avid art lover.

Mind you, I was there to work. I was writing a book on my search for the best pasta in the world. The masserie would be my base camp for my travels throughout the south of Italy. And I did travel a lot, but at the end I found out that it wasn’t necessary to go very far. The region Apulia itself has probably the strongest, most passionate pasta tradition of Italy, and especially in the region of Brindisi, very close to the masserie, I made some astonishing gastronomic discoveries. Even in the restaurant of Torre Maizza itself I found one of the best dishes I tasted on my whole trip – cavatelli con frutti di mare, almost invisibly flavored with carrots, like sweet fairy dust (foto).

I am also a golfer; the possibility to hit some balls on the practice range of the 9-hole-course Torre Coccaro before going out on my pasta mission was the icing of the cake. My whole professional life from now on aims towards coming back as often as possible. Which means that I need to write a few best-selling novels. A stay in the masserie is not cheap – but it is worth every cent.”