Cooking School: Kids Preparing Pizza in the Courtyard

Ever tried Cooking School out in the open? Vincenzo, one of our chefs, will lead you and your kids through a Pizza Baking Class in the Coccaro courtyard. The kids will prepare everything from the doe until the mozzarella spread. Vinzenzo will put the tasty “art works” in the hot wooden oven and minutes later serve you the freshest, crispiest, yummiest Pizza pieces you’ve ever tasted.

Art Tip: Roberto Paci Dalò at the Bologna Art First

Guess who we met at Art First, Bologna? Roberto Paci Dalò who some of You might remember from his art works left at the masseria, for example “The Conference of the Birds” (foto).

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Gardening Tip: Orange Picking to Make Marmelade

January and february are traditional orange picking season in Puglia. The ones growning on the Coccaro and Maizza estate are smaller and rounder than the famous “Washington”, incredibly tasty though, juicy and sweet. Our gardeners are picking only the best and ripest fruits to later on make marmelade out of them (we’ll keep you posted on the recipe of course, stay tuned!!). The rest will be used as famous “spremuta”: freshly squeezed orange juice. Yummie!

Cooking School: Bari meets Bali…

…or: The Munich Kochgarage, Graciela and her nephews, came down to visit friends and colleagues at Coccaro Beach, where they parked their caravan for a few days and went off to do some research on Puglia cuisine in and around the masserias. Since Graciela had only just come back from a cooking school trip to Bali she had to show our beachclub team what she had learnt in exchange for the pasta recipes. An experience to remember for everyone involved!

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Wine Tip: Trebbiano d’Abbruzzo, Emidio Pepe, 2008

Vittorio Muolo, Masseria Torre Coccaro, and Giacomo Bianchi, Chichibio Restaurant, Polignano, are presenting a Trebbiano d’Abbruzzo Emidio Pepe, 2008.

Giacomo Bianchi is one of the most  important expert in Puglia on natural and biodinamic wines and has probably the best fish restaurant in puglia.
Emidio Pepe is Widely known for organic wines of extraordinary quality (since 1964) the family enterprise became famous through the G8 meeting in Tokyo where the wine was offered to the world’s top politicians.

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Wellness Tip: Strolling Around Savelletri

Fancy some ice cream? Or how about a cappuccino outside, with the seagulls shouting and the fisherman watching from the distance? There’s spring in the air, no doubt about it. Savelletri, 669 inhabitants harbourside village on the adriatic coast, is getting ready for the next summer season. We’re expecting you: Are you ready, too?