Bar Tales @MasseriaTorreCoccaro

If you’re into drinks you sure know London’s Savoy, known as the founding place of cocktails as we know them today, thanks to notorious Harry Craddock and his bar-tending bible ‘The Savoy Cocktail Book’. We felt honored to have the head bartender of Savoy’s American Bar of today, Erik Lorencs, as a guest, a mixologist, who must have won more titles and competitions than anyone else in the industry. He came to teach a couple of southern Italian bartenders through the Bar Tales movement, all of them enjoyed the venue a lot. “When I look back at the bartenders who were working with us in the past, they’re all legends and to follow them I need to work even harter”, he pointed out. “The American Bar is such an iconic place for cocktails, so I need to make sure that this place is still on the map and still recognized as a place to enjoy great drinks.”


…means wellbeing. Fall is a great time to reboot and refocus mind and body. Clearing is an important part of honoring what came before and preparing for what’s next. In our Aveda spa you can chose from a grand variety of treatments, tailorized to you own taste. Be sure we are using natural products only. Many frangrances, herbs and fruits arrive straight from our vegetable garden. Take the chance and relax in our steam bath before or after your massage or stretch out on cosy matrasses right in front for a nap. Serve yourself from tea and refreshments in our spa bar. If there’s anything missing feel free to let us know. Now just enjoy, cool down, relax and stretch out. We are wishing you a pleasant holiday.

Peace & Sound: The Magic Music Room

I was wondering if you ever passed by our beautiful music lounge? If not, try to do so, especially now that the days are getting shorter and beach life usually ends around 4 pm. I’m sure you’ll find something nice to listen to, going through hundreds of well selected discs, a best of 50ies to 90ies, from Pop to Jazz and back to Rhythm & Soul, stuff you may not have thought of in a long time. Why don’t you pick your own personal mucial jewel to listen to while sipping on a homemade “vin brulé”? Don’t hesitate to play a personal tune on the piano! You’ll enjoy the audience of fellow travellers who might even want to join in: Among a guitar and a trumpet we are trying to offer all the instruments it needs to make your holiday at Masseria Torre Coccaro an unforgetable one.

Masterchef in 7 Days

Remember Stefan Maiwald, the journalist/writer/friend of the house who happens to drop by every now and then, usually plays a few balls on the Maizza golfcourse, stays for a chat and some glasses of wine with our sommelier Paolo Scarafile and never leaves without great ideas for new articles, books whatsoever? You may have come across his book about the best pasta in the world where he featured, among others, the secret pasta recipes of our masseria chefs.
His new book, again, sounds very promising: “Spitzenkoch in sieben Tagen” (;  engl.: “How to become a masterchef in no more than 7 seven days“. A real challenge, so to speak. But with professional help you can actually make it, Maiwald explains on 200 pages. Well-known masterchefs from all over the world such as Hans Haas, Heinz Winkler and some of our masseria chefs such as Cosimo Massaro (Maiwald: “the fish whisperer“) gave him a good hand…

For those of you who are curious to know what it’s all about: We’re about to organize a workshop on the behalf. Wanna join in and become a star? We’re expecting you!

Beautiful but Chilly: Winter in Puglia

It hardly ever happens – but IF winter strikes in Puglia it usually leaves its traces. This year we’ve already had our well share of snow. But as if someone wanted to check on our patience we keep having windy days, a bit of rain, temperatures below 5 degrees and… snow, funny enough. They say it’s kind of over for this year, the almond trees have started to flourish and every man and dog can’t wait to get outside and breathe fresh air. We’ll keep you posted on this one. Meanwhile take a look at Savelletri’s seagulls: They are the only ones who don’t seem to mind the cold…

Ciclocross Championships in Puglia

Biking is his passion: One of Coccaro’s chef waiters Enzo would spent every free minute on two wheels. His pasttime goes as far as taking clients (such as good friends) on his extended tours throughout Puglia. Those seem to appreciate the special service of their favorite waiter a lot. Today and over the upcoming weekend he won’t be on duty in masseria though: He’s taking part in the “Italian Ciclocross championship” in nearby Pezze di Greco. A big and somewhat dirty event Enzo has been exercising for all winter. He’ll be dealing with 12 different races (and 24 titles) on a 2850 m course. The challenge, apart from pure partecipation, is to compete with really big names in the business. Ex world champion Vito Di Tano (bottom foto) from Monopoli is organizing the race in his home region which adds a special twist. Let’s keep fingers crossed!! For all those of you who share the passion and don’t care too much about competition: Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll make sure Enzo will be yours for some unforgetable tour.