Pool Beauties

Ever tried a wellness session by the pool? Our jacuzzi is sure one thing not to miss, especially with Your head under water listening to beautiful music tunes. The sportier ones of you may have joined one of our fitness classes: Emotional Pilates with Luana Lula Giannoccaro, every second morning under the big olive tree on the upper pool deck of Maizza. Or Yoga with Giuseppe Intermite, 4 times a week at sunset, always on the upper deck. Not to forget his rejuvenating Shiatsu and Thai massages. For those who haven’t had the pleasure so far – might be something to try next time.

Kids’ Summer

We don’t believe much in kids camps. We think our guests would rather have their kids around and not busy playing elsewhere. Holiday is the only period when all the family can spend some time together, right? That’s why we offered this year like every other year well trained babysitters where it’s necessary: by the pool, at Coccaro Beach Club, during our pizza nights or the village feasts at Coccaro, not to forget the big Ferragosto Party, the 15th of august. The families seem to appreciate the service and we love the idea of having our clients together as families. Not the kids at the kids club and the parents elsewhere.

Still Summer in Puglia

Here we go again, back online after a busy summer 2014 with lots of charming guests. Many of them happy returners, thrilled to meet old friends amongst staff and the owner family. Others Coccaro “beginners” who couldn’t help instantly falling in love with the simple beauty of being in masseria, the perfect cosiness and the relaxed atmosphere where everybody can just BE. Well. here’s the good news: Summer isn’t over yet. Puglia offers so much more than just endless days on the beach. Here are a few impressions of Coccaro these days. Decide for yourself: Would be a treat, wouldn’t it?

Tai Chi Chuan in Masseria

Ever tried the peaceful movements of Tai Chi that millions of Chinese practise every day? Martine Balanza, an ex makeup artist from France living in Puglia today, introduced the beautiful discipline to the heel of the italian boot. She keeps travelling back and forth to meet her maestro in China every now and then. But which is even more important she’s also available for private or group lessons under the ancient olive trees of the masseria. Check dates and availability via reception. This is to get you into the mood…


Masseria Art: Valentina D’Andrea

There are many ways to announce an extraordinary art exhibition. Let’s try this way for once, sometimes pictures tell more than words… (PS: For those of you who are curious to know more about the artist from the Salento: Join us at Masseria Torre Maizza. Valentina’s Angels will be there all summer…)



Behind the scenes

… of our photography workshop. As seen by Stefano Spalluto, the Maizza guide who followed the event. Here’s one picture we found on his “making of” camera, more material to come. Nothing special, he says… What do YOU think?