Ciclocross Championships in Puglia

Biking is his passion: One of Coccaro’s chef waiters Enzo would spent every free minute on two wheels. His pasttime goes as far as taking clients (such as good friends) on his extended tours throughout Puglia. Those seem to appreciate the special service of their favorite waiter a lot. Today and over the upcoming weekend he won’t be on duty in masseria though: He’s taking part in the “Italian Ciclocross championship” in nearby Pezze di Greco. A big and somewhat dirty event Enzo has been exercising for all winter. He’ll be dealing with 12 different races (and 24 titles) on a 2850 m course. The challenge, apart from pure partecipation, is to compete with really big names in the business. Ex world champion Vito Di Tano (bottom foto) from Monopoli is organizing the race in his home region which adds a special twist. Let’s keep fingers crossed!! For all those of you who share the passion and don’t care too much about competition: Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll make sure Enzo will be yours for some unforgetable tour.


You won’t believe…

…what happened at Masseria Torre Coccaro over New Year’s: While everyone was expecting THE night of the year, we got quite a suprise: SNOW! Check out what that looks like in a region that’s used to heat and not the contrary. It turned out to be quite a view for our dear guests though: Children were building snowmen in the courtyard, couples took long walks around the estate or chilled in one of our famous and cosy salotti, with a nice cup of tea in front of the fireplace. Summed up, everyone was enjoying the extraordinary situation – the most beautiful group experience in masseria ever.

Almost Xmas…?

Doesn’t seem like it at all! While down by the sea locals are still having their daily swim at Masseria Torre Coccaro we are keeping all our outdoor spaces open and cosy until temperatures won’t finally fall a bit. Lush Flowers are flourishing in the gardens all around the masseria, our vegetable garden is full of ripe fennel, eggplant, broccoli and fresh spices. Taking a long stroll before sunset is the nicest thing to do these days, topped only by the services of our barman Camillo. For tonight’s aperitivo he is preparing mozzarella and tomato sticks, crispy mini toasts with a drop of fresh olive oil, spicy ricotta and dried tomato, crunchy almonds and a selection of homemade pickles, preferably to go with a glass of prosecco or chilled white wine and, for those who can’t do without, Michael Bublés beautiful Xmas Compilation to sing and swing along. Low season? We’d say this is the best time of the year!

Xmas is behind the corner…

Even at Masseria Torre Coccaro we can’t ignore it any longer. So Dominga and Laura prepared the famous Coccaro Xmas tree this morning, right in front of Natale’s bar, just like every year. You can tell by the glow in their eyes that it was more than just pure duty… And what shall I say? They did a fabulous job! Why don’t you drop by for an aperitivo or some pre-Xmas-dinner these days and take a look…?